Jews and Judaism

Judaism is one religion which is less known to others. Judaism is a religion who are working to make sure that everything works in their favour. Here are some facts about 1bet2u thai, jews and Judaism that most people might not have heard.

Judaism is based on Torah

The foundation of Judaism was based on the 1bet2u beliefs and practices of Torah, also known as the book of Moses. Then the prophets writing came together and formed the Jewish Bible written in Torah. The book provided us with the oral traditions, which was interpreted as elucidating their cryptic teaches. Generally, the oral teaching was taken from Midrash and Talmud and it is said that the Torah cannot be fully understood without the oral Torah.

Jews, Israelites, Hebrews are the same people

Abraham, who was the father of Jewish people, was called the Hebrew. His grandson Jacob who was renamed to be Israel who was known as the people of Israel. The descendants of King David from the tribe of Judah ruled over the land of Israel and the people took on the name Yahudim (Jews). This is generally interchangeable depending on the time and place of the subject.

There is just one God

Judaism believes that there is one invisible God who is the creator of Heaven and Earth. He is known to have no children and helpers. There is no satan and it is just a job description. God goes by many several and that only a jews can use them in their prayer. Jews generally refer to him as Hashem, which in Hebrew means ‘The Name’.


Mitzvahs are how jews live Jewishly

God tells Jewish people to follow his commands and there are 613 that needs to be followed in the book of Torah. There are Mitzvah is the way which is one way which allows the people to gain divine favour for him. This is for life itself anything just like eating and drinking as they also connect it to any path God.

To be Jewish, you will have to learn Torah

Torah is one way to have the right connection with him in the deepest ways which can help people invest their time and efforts in learning about him. Learning Torah and Talmud is one who gets them to learn more in-depth about the subject and gain insights into the subject matter.

The Jewish people began as slaves

In the book of Exodus, we can see that the Jewish people began as slaves and through the help of Moses God saved us all. This is one of the reasons that they have empathy towards the less fortunate and allows them to accept them with the help of charity and kindness.


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